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Tamriko Barda-Viera
Life is a game, play it.
Freelance VFX Production Manager / Sr VFX Coordinator
Luca S
Gen Z techie, Forbes 30u30, running the best accelerator in CEE (ReaktorX).
Programming, Design, Ui/UX, Validation and experiments
Gaurav Khatri
Feeling stuck despite being skilled? You're not alone. As a seasoned mentor with experience across diverse domains like finance, insurance, aviation, and social media, I've guided numerous talented individuals like you. They excelled in their roles but longed for more. What differentiates me? I go beyond just refining skills. Together, we'll uncover the "missing ingredients" hindering your career growth. I provide personalized frameworks and tangible strategies to unlock your full potential, leading you to career fulfillment and personal growth. I emphasize essential, yet often overlooked skills like effective communication, change management, and managing upwards. These are the cornerstones of success for any individual or organization striving for excellence.
Strategic Thinking | Vision Building | Effective Communication
Dr Thomas D Zweifel
Winning strategies for CEOs & Leaders. Award-winning author featured on ABC, Bloomberg, CNN, Financial Times, Fast Company, TEDx
Strategy alignment, Performance, Leadership
Mustafa Icil
Mustafa Icil is an executive with close to 30 years of experience in developing and leading strategic sales and marketing initiatives, having worked at global technology leaders such as Microsoft, Apple and Google in senior management roles. He currently works as a Digital Strategy and Innovation Consultant at ICIL Training and Consulting which he founded in 2013. He is also a well known Keynote Speaker in the area of Digital Transformation and Innovation. In parallel to his professional work, he attends Netherlands TIAS Business School for Business and Society MBA program as a Digital Strategy lecturer.
Business Strategy, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Innovation
Tony Carr
I've developed hundreds of leaders to reach and deliver their best in demanding organizations. I work with leaders at all levels to supercharge their effectiveness by developing presence, communication skills, strategic insight, and the razor-edged managerial skills essential to thriving in organizational life. I'm also an expert at enabling others to conquer their public speaking fears and become confident, smiling presenters.
Leadership development and coaching, operations management

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