Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel

Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel

Italian, English, German and Korean
Award-Winning Author, TEDx 
Featured on ABC, Bloomberg, CNN
Ph.D New York University

Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel

Strategy & performance expert, board member & sparring partner for CEOs & leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Ex-CEO of Swiss Consulting Group, named “Fast Company” by Fast Company magazine. Since 1984 Thomas has coached clients on 4 continents to open strategic frontiers, meet business imperatives and seize growth opportunities. An authority on integrating planning, people and performance, he helps clients ask the right questions, confront taboos, build strategy alignment, and boost productivity. Ultimately his specialty is unleashing the human spirit in organizations—without unnecessary blah-blah, impractical training programs, or false dependencies on high-priced consultants.

Thomas was featured on CNN, ABC, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Financial Times and other media.

Selected corporate clients: Airbus, Banana Republic, Citibank, ConocoPhillips, Credit Suisse, Danone, Dell, Deutsche Bank, DHL, Faurecia, Fiat, GE, GM, Goldman Sachs, Google, J&J, JPMorgan Chase, Medtronic, Nestlé, Novartis, P&G, Prudential, Roche, Sanofi, Siemens, Starbucks, Swiss Re, UBS, Unilever, Zurich.

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23 February 2023